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Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

| December 18, 2019

As 2019 comes to an end we will be moving into the second decade of 2000. This year has flown by and we have seen much occur in the arena of politics, economics and society as a whole as we enter into 2020 we will look to see how the economy grows, a presidential election will play out and a new congress be elected. Truly interesting times are around the corner. Trying to be more economically and save a few trees in the process, I have decided to email our end of year letter.

Things are changing in the Connington Household and I look forward to the changes not only on the business side but on the personal side as well. As I explained to you in the mid- year letter, I am focusing a lot on mental health issues, understanding how it affects individuals and businesses who work in those areas. I am still trying to understand it all; unfortunately it is a big subject with ever changing opinions. As I said back in June I am fine this is more about family, clients and friends who have had to deal with these issues but also how society as a whole is looking at it. Vaping has come more into the news and how bad it is especially for our young people and the effects on their health long term. Opioids still being an issue and how companies are working to fight the problem. I will keep you all posted as to what I am finding out.

Haley will graduate from Florida State in May. Seems surreal in that she will have completed 4 years already. She heads back down in January as she spent this semester in a FSU residence program in NYC. It was an internship that required they see different plays, shows about dance. Also she had classes to attend in NYC and Brooklyn and learned the way of the Bus and Subway life. She has also been in a couple of fashion shoots and I will send pics of her when they are available.

Joey attended Roger Williams but has decided to he wants to transfer to a Division 1 School and major in Architecture. He will be attending CCM this semester and will transfer next fall.

Nicole is a sophomore at West Essex and decided to concentrate on Softball so she can play in college. She is playing club ball for the NJ Vipers out of Bergen County. She played with them in the fall and did very well.

As for me I am looking forward to the winter being over. Still working on eating healthy but need to focus more on reducing stress, dealing with my sugar levels and have decided to begin to train to run a 5k this summer. Also still practicing my faith which I have come to rely heavily on during trying times.

One of the exciting things for me to share with you is the changes I am bringing to Connington Wealth Management Group to make my clients experience better. Markets go up and Markets go down, my job is to help advice you through those changes and keep you on track while working toward your goals. Starting in January, we will be reaching out to all of my clients to send to us their 401k, pension update info. We want to build a goal structure for you to keep track on your retirement goals.

You will know be able to go to the website and schedule an appointment for a face to face or phone call meeting. This is a pilot program being done by LPL.  I am increasing my social media prescience for those that follow us that way so stay tuned. I am also opening a YouTube page to post updates about market conditions, investment updates, etc. I will have that out to you in January.

I will be sending you all in an email or letter our new RepChat, which will allow you to text me questions you may have or issues you would like clarity on.

One of my goals is to run campaigns to update your Life Insurance, Non-Qualified investments, Annuity check-ups, goal setting, to increase your emergency funds and look to see where you can increase contributions to your 401k, IRA and Non-Qualified Investments to continue to help you achieve financial independence.

As always I strongly believe in continuing to help you work towards achieving your financial goals and look forward to working with you this next decade. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and a great New Year.