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April 2020 Client Letter

April 2020 Client Letter

| April 01, 2020

Dear Clients,


I hope all of you are happy, healthy and safe as we go through this virus as a nation. My Family is doing well and hopefully that will continue. This quarter in the markets will go down as one of the worst, if not the worst since 2008. It will make looking at your statements tough. However, I do believe we had a strong economy and low unemployment before this occurred which has helped greatly. Unemployment numbers will get worse as we shelter in place and economy is being put on hold. Markets will be choppy as news develops on vaccines, treatments, testing and unfortunately as death totals are published.


For those of you contributing to your 401k’s still do. If cash flow permits you too then increase them towards your regiment. If you have monthly contributions for your financial goals also continue. Those goals haven’t changed. Dollar Cost averaging will allow you to pick up more shares at lower prices at this time and help with achieving long term goals. I do believe we will come through this, we will adjust our supply chains and the economic stimulus will help to reduce the pain of an economic slowdown. At some point in time we will open our economy again and move the nation forward.


I am here to answer any of your questions but will not be doing face to face appointments until as of right now in June. That doesn’t mean it won’t change based on what goes on in the next few weeks. But as I have stated before, I have a lot of older clients and will do nothing to compromise their health. I also believe strongly that the investments in your portfolio’s will perform well when the markets recover over the next year and that we will get back to normal soon.


With Warmest Regards,


William J. Connington III 

Tracking #: 1-975240